Still Christmas

Today is the second Saturday of the New Year. Which means we've had plenty of time to take down Our Christmas decorations.  See our pretty Christmas Tree? Yep, it's still there!

I have not started to take pack up Christmas. Oh, I want it done. I just don't want to actually do it.

I am very tempted to just leave everything up. We're already on the second Saturday of the year, remember? What's 50 more?

Then I think about having to dust the Christmas tree all the year long, and I change my mind.

Christmas will be down and packed up by Monday night.

I found these great ideas at Martha Stewart Ornament Storage that I shall be trying. We have a lot of ornaments and no proper storage. These look easy. Especially the egg carton storage. lol Can't get much easier than an egg carton. And I have a bunch of brand new cartons that won't be getting used anytime soon, as our chickens have stopped laying for the winter. So I might as well use some of them for storage.

How about you? Does anyone else still have their Christmas decorations up?

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