Our Homeschool Week in Review

I was sick a few days this week, so school just kind of flowed.  :)  The 3 of us working on reading the Bible in 90 Days got a little behind, some more than others, but we should all be caught up by Monday. That's the plan anyway.

My oldest daughter had some old laptops given to her so she gave them to her brother who loves computers. He was able to get one of them working. Here he is with his "new" laptop, wireless mouse, and cell phone. He's all set. lol  He's the techie in the family, and has been able to fix most of the old computers given to him. 

My daughter has the book Tiny Treats from the American Girl Collection and it has some really cute tiny foods they can make. Abby decided to make a cake out of pop-tarts that was in the book.

She only put sprinkles on half the "cake" so for those that didn't want them. She used 3 pop-tarts and vanilla frosting layered. She had fun making it, and sharing it!

All in all, we had a good week. We will, however, be glad when the colds stop visiting our house!

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