A Song To Share~More about my hand

My daughter had this song performed by our sweet neighbor at her wedding. It is such a great song. I think the movie Ghost said it all when they used it, here’s a clip~

I went to the doctor yesterday to check on my hand. He referred me to a hand surgeon. I’m not real thrilled about that. My doctor called the surgeon while I was there (that’s one of the benefits of living in a smaller populated area)and the doctor’s weren’t sure if it needed surgery or not. I did talk my doctor into not putting a cast on and he said that my splint with the ace bandage is fine. I like that because I can take it off to take a shower. I’m actually getting pretty good at wrapping it back up by myself! I’m also getting better at hunt and peck typing with my left hand. It does make my hand hurt if I do to much of it.

I just thought I’d give you a little update. I will try to keep my regular posts up, but if you don’t see as many posts, I hope you’ll understand.

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