2 Shaved Heads, A Swim Meet and my hand


Chauncey is on the high school swim team and they have a tradition that they all shave their heads in a buzz when they go to the Regional Competition. Last night the team had a big spaghetti dinner, then all the boys that wanted to follow the tradition went over to the coach’s house to get their heads buzzed! It’s Chauncey’s first year on the team so he was pretty excited about it. Ken decided that he would shave his head in support of all of all of Chauncey’s hard work. Last night Chauncey shaved his dad’s head in a buzz. I’ve never seen my sweet hubby without hair!

So, how do you think my guys look?

Chauncey will be swimming the 200 Freestyle and the 500 Freestyle. He’s also an alternate for the 400 Freestyle Relay. I can’t wait to go watch the meet today!

Before we go to the meet I’m seeing a surgeon about my hand. So cross your fingers for me that I don’t need surgery.  It’s been two weeks and my hand has finally quit throbbing all the time.

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