Our Homeschool Week in Review

The highlight of our homeschool week was snow... and more snow....and more snow. And the cold! Today finally got above freezing. Is winter over yet?


I think the cats are telling me to get rid of the snow!

Oh, yes, we have yet another cold running rampant through the house. That makes for some pretty miserable kids.

Normally, we let the sick child have off school. Since we've had one cold after another for several months now, I'm wondering if I should rethink this. Of course, the kids are not. lol

Despite the sickness, and the snow day that we had on Wednesday when Dad was home because he couldn't get out to work, we did manage to get some school work done.

The living room continues to be the favorite room in the house for working.

She looks warm and cozy.

We finished the 3-D puzzle from that we started last week. We now have another puzzle started on the schoolroom table.  We like having one out  all the time. People (including Mom & Dad) go over when ever whenever they feel like working on it. More often than not, when one person is working, others come join the fun.

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