The Bible in 90 Days Week 4 Check-in


Today was Day 22 of the Bible in 90 Days Reading Challenge.

Last week I told you how we were behind in our reading. Well, I'm happy to say that I am caught up! You can go from being several days behind to being caught up. It just takes extra time and work. Of course, it's much easier to stay caught up. Sometimes, though, life does conspire to keep us from reading the whole section every day.

As far as the kids, well, they are still behind. My son, 16,  is, I think, 2 days behind. My daughter, 15,  is more than that behind. I'm trying not to pressure them too much. They read their Bibles every day, even without this challenge, and I don't want to do anything to make then not want to read their Bibles. So if they don't finish in 90 days, that's ok with me. Of course, I will encourage them to finish. I have even offered them a reward for finishing in 90 days. :)

Last week, my youngest son whose 10, was studying his Bible Drill verses. He kept saying them than asking me if they were right. I told him that I didn't have his Bible Drill verses memorized, and he said "Well, you should, you read the Bible in 90 Days!"

Wow, I wish that I did have the whole Bible memorized. How cool would that be?! Alas, that's not likely to happen for me.

If your participating in the challenge, I'd love to hear how your doing!

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