Our Homeschool Week in Review

Our first week of homeschool for the year has gone quite well. There were only a couple of instances at the beginning of the week with attitudes and not wanting to work.

I had one student that has been trying to get out of school work by cleaning her room. That is quite the dilemma. Do I let her keep cleaning her room that so desperately needs it, or do I make her stop cleaning and do her schoolwork. hmmmmm.......

Well, her floor can now be seen. lol She did also complete most of her school work. A win-win situation. :)

I'm participating in the Read the Bible in 90 Days Challenge that started Monday. What has made this even more exciting, is that my two teenagers are participating in the challenge also! The daily readings take about 45 minutes. Then they have to spend at least 30 minutes studying their Bible Drill memory verses.  My daughter actually spends closer to an hour studying. So a good portion of their morning is devoted to the Bible.

The younger two kids have to spend 30 minutes studying their Bible Drill verses every day as well. They are in the same group this year, so they are able to study together. It's really cute seeing them study together. Until they start fighting. lol

The kids started a puzzle last weekend. So all week, they could be found at the school room table working on it. I normally work on puzzles, too. But this one is hard. Hard on the eyes. It's a 3D puzzle, and it hurts my eyes just looking at it, never mind trying to find pieces. But the kids and their father are enjoying it.

Overall, it's been a nice, peaceful 1st week back to school.

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