Bible Memorization 2011

This year, I'm committing to memorizing 24 Bible verses. That's only 2 a month. One every two weeks. Very do-able.

I did this in 2009, also. Due to sickness, I was unable to complete all 24. This year will be different!

I'm joining Beth Moore's challenge on her blog, The 2011 Siesta Scripture Memory Team.

I participated in 2009, also. It's so awesome to memorize scripture with everyone, see the verses everyone has chosen, here how everyone is doing.

Here's my first verse for 2011:

In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:16

I write my verses in an index card spiral that I carry in my purse. This years will make 3 that I carry with me. I might need a bigger purse. lol Really, any little notebook will do. The index cards are sturdier, though.

I read my current verse several times a day, and in no time I have it memorized. As the year goes on, and I get more verses in my spiral, I go back and read each of them at least once a day, so I don't forget them. It really only takes a few minutes a day, and memorizing Scripture has great rewards.

Anyone want to join me in memorizing Scripture?

Please visit:
Spiritual Sunday

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