This Weeks Favorites

I found lots of new favorites this week.

Ever Feel Like a Referee?
Why a Salad Costs More Than a Big Mac
How to Read and Understand Food Labels

Homemade Natural Bug Repellant
Homemade Herbal Salve

How to Make a Couch Slip-cover
How to Make Your Own Rose Water
How to Make a Tire Track Shirt

Homemade Ho-Ho's
Homemade Cold Breakfast Cereal - Grain Free
Eskimo Cookies - no-bakes!
Machine Free Dairy Free Ice Cream
Gluten Free Whole Grain Olive Bread
Chicken Parmesan in the Slow Cooker - I made a version of this, just the chicken and the sauce, no coating on the chicken. I served it over pasta (quinoa for me) with Parmesan cheese. We all loved it.

My Favorite Summer Recipes from Gluten Free Goddess - lots and lots of great gluten free recipes

Hope you find some new favorites, too!

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