Once a Month Cleaning Update

I mentioned back in May about being interested in once a month housecleaning. Well, I'm back with a report.

I started out going only two weeks between cleanings. By cleaning, I mean the list of weekly cleaning chores, such as mopping, dusting, wiping down cabinets, etc. Not the daily chores.

After doing bi-weekly cleaning a couple of times, I tried going the full month. I really love it!

The most obvious clue that I was going longer between cleanings was dust. Which, by the way, I use the crochet dust mitt I made. It works great!

So, like I was saying, it really wasn't that obvious that I was going longer between cleanings. Really, what makes or breaks a cleaning schedule is the daily work.

If I see that someone got something on the cabinet in the kitchen, I wipe it while I'm wiping the counters off. If I see that someone let the bathroom sink dirty, I rinse it out when I'm there. It's those sort of things that make a difference in your cleaning, regardless of your cleaning schedule.

Will I continue once a month cleaning? Yes! It frees up an hour or two every week that I can spend on other tasks. But yet, it doesn't take any longer to clean on cleaning day!

Although, I will vary the cleaning schedule according to our family happenings. We're having company at the end of this month, so it makes sense to wait and clean right before they get here. If it works out better for us and our schedule to do a 3 week schedule, I will be flexible.

So what do you think? Do you think a monthly cleaning schedule would work for your family?

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